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A snippet from my travel journal…

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all had a good few weeks. I can confirm that it’s been a challenging few weeks for me. A busy job ((get the violins out people)) means the old brain matter has had enough by the time I’ve escaped for home. Switching off has always been difficult for me, which is… Continue reading A snippet from my travel journal…

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Submissions to book agents & part 4 of the Newark Story

As usual, scroll to the bottom if you just want to read the next instalment.... Wow, is it Friday already! How fast time goes (it does when you’re old!) hey, I’m only 43! (middle-aged, and in the process of a mid-life crisis – tandem skydive – I ask you!!) What’s wrong with that! I’m very… Continue reading Submissions to book agents & part 4 of the Newark Story

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My short story, writing groups and Imps.

Hi all, Hopefully I have re-blogged my short story from the Fosseway Writers blog. I am new to all this blogging and my laptop decided to shut down part way through - just to really annoy me. Computers seem to know when you just want to get on with something and they are just sat… Continue reading My short story, writing groups and Imps.

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Online Learning & working holidays on location

Hi all, hope everyone has had a good week and are have not been too cooked in this heat! It's probably not a great time for me to be doing a blog on writing when I haven't actually managed much this week. I am in full on summer holidays and just spent a lovely four… Continue reading Online Learning & working holidays on location


A Writers Life – Day two

Day two in my new life as an aspiring 'out of work' author, I won't despair just yet - only been unemployed for a few days lol. You will pleased to know that I have managed to keep my caffeine intake to only three cups. It is a constant struggle... On the subject of caffeine.… Continue reading A Writers Life – Day two


Day one… new beginnings

Today is my first day as either an unemployed Library Assistant or self-employed writer... I have decided to go with the more positive one lol. As I said in one of my blog posts, I have been made redundant after nearly 11 years. I have decided to take this opportunity to see if I can… Continue reading Day one… new beginnings