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Coming home, a new job and 2019 plans!

In the words of Sam Gamgee, ‘Well, I’m back” ((Oh no, I was enjoying the peace and quiet and suddenly it’s all been shattered. I suppose welcome back is in order and now you’re going to make our eyes bleed reading all about your amazing travels while we have been left behind)) Now, don’t sulk… Continue reading Coming home, a new job and 2019 plans!

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Character Sheets = an organised writer

Character sheets So, this week I wanted to rant on about character sheets ((Do you have a character sheet for me?? Is it cool? Under comedic value do I have like the highest score??)) I looked around on the tinterwebnet for information on character sheets when I first started out and found a few bits… Continue reading Character Sheets = an organised writer

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Book blurb, cake, sale… need i say more?

If my writing careers ends here, at least I got to eat my own book cake 😊 Decided to blog a day early in celebration of getting cake... A night lost to the past is now 99p via Amazon... So, when I’m rich and famous, actually take out the rich because I’m happy to just… Continue reading Book blurb, cake, sale… need i say more?