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Naming your characters

How do you decide your character names? I was sitting on the back of the motorbike, and as usual thinking about the stories I’m writing and mulling over some character names I needed for my fantasy story. That started me thinking about where we find these names? With a name, comes great responsibility! Someone said… Continue reading Naming your characters

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Excuses, excuses, excuses

((Okay, this is brackets taking over the blog this week. Miss, 'I’m so busy, I haven’t got time to blog' is otherwise engaged. Insert me; rolling my eyes. If she ever gets to be a famous author she is gonna be tricky to deal with. So, she asked me to add these as her excuses… Continue reading Excuses, excuses, excuses

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Editing your book… a beginner’s guide. Last part of ‘a night lost to the past’

I’M JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE TOMORROW! Now that’s out of the way, onto this week’s blog on editing a book. So, this week I decided to go back through and edit book one. Despite deciding that I’d finished with it; well until a professional gets their hands on it. My main worry has been… Continue reading Editing your book… a beginner’s guide. Last part of ‘a night lost to the past’

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Online Learning & working holidays on location

Hi all, hope everyone has had a good week and are have not been too cooked in this heat! It's probably not a great time for me to be doing a blog on writing when I haven't actually managed much this week. I am in full on summer holidays and just spent a lovely four… Continue reading Online Learning & working holidays on location