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Doing the NaNoWriMo and finding time to write.

Today is the first day of NaNo… but first I need to say sorry to my bloggy friends ((you mean me and your mum, as no-one else really cares what you’re doing)) I was struggling to find the time to blog due to work and other things getting in the way, hence I didn’t get… Continue reading Doing the NaNoWriMo and finding time to write.

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Naming your characters

How do you decide your character names? I was sitting on the back of the motorbike, and as usual thinking about the stories I’m writing and mulling over some character names I needed for my fantasy story. That started me thinking about where we find these names? With a name, comes great responsibility! Someone said… Continue reading Naming your characters

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Letter Writing, Pen Pals & Friendship

Maybe some of you are thinking why am I doing a blog on letter writing ((I’m intrigued… actually I’m not, it’s just not many people interact with your blog so I thought I better pretend – thanks to those that do – you keep me alive)) A few things have happened lately that have made… Continue reading Letter Writing, Pen Pals & Friendship